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Affordable Housing

Inpatient Treatment Program
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Affordable and Transitional Housing Assistance

Our team is on a mission to help our nation’s most vulnerable and under-served populations overcome challenges like substance use disorder, co-occurring mental health disorders, and housing insecurity.

Those in crisis seeking evidence-based treatment, shelter, safety, and support will always find it at Gaudenzia.

When it comes to substance use and co-occurring disorders, we understand a full continuum of care and support is essential to help our clients sustain long-term recovery and reduce relapse and/or overdose rates. This includes access to stable, affordable housing for individuals transitioning out of treatment as they rebuild their lives in recovery.

Without a roof over your head, it is difficult to provide for your family and yourself, especially while staying focused on your recovery. When we recognized that a large portion of our clients were housing-insecure, we added housing support services to our continuum, including:   

  • Transitional Housing Options
  • Affordable Housing for Individuals and Families
  • Individual Case Management
  • Legal Advocacy
  • Job-Readiness Services

Affordable Housing Programs at Gaudenzia

Whether seeking short-term transitional housing or long-term, low-income housing options for individuals or families, our programs meet a diverse range of community needs.

Affordable Housing Programs available at Gaudenzia include:

  • Bair O’Malley
  • Delta PSH
  • The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Family Center
  • Tioga Arms Apartments
  • Tioga Family Center
  • Shelton Court
  • Thompson Street
  • Harbor House
  • Concord Place
  • House of Passage (Women’s Shelter)
  • Gaudenzia House
  • West Mill Place

Find a Program Today

For more information about our Affordable Housing Programs, please call our 24-hour Treatment and Referral HelpLine at 833.976.HELP (4357).

Table of Contents