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Monetary and non-monetary ways to help Gaudenzia

Advocate for Our Cause

Your opinion matters. Contact your legislators today to support our cause.

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Did you know? Every dollar invested in treatment saves $7 to $12 in societal costs, lessening the burden on the public health, welfare and criminal justice systems.

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Did You Know?

It is estimated that one in every three families is struggling to help a loved one with a drug and alcohol problem.

Addiction is a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive alcohol and drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the addicted individual and to those around them.

The cost of untreated alcohol and drug problems exceeds $500 billion annually, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

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Make a Tribute

Celebrate Life-Cycle Events

What can you give your loved one who has everything? Make a donation in their honor. Your gift will help restore lives and transform communities.
Make a Tribute
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Memorial Gift

Honor your loved one’s legacy by making a gift in their memory. You’ll support individuals seeking to live sober and productive lives in long-term recovery.
Give Now
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Non-Cash Donations

Give What You Can

It’s easy to make a lasting impact on people pursuing long-term recovery. By giving non-cash donations like vehicles, jewelry, electronics, gift cards and more, you will help transform lives and strengthen communities.
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Planned Giving

Your Contribution, Our Future

You can help sustain the impact and quality of our recovery services!
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