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Help Gaudenzia Celebrate Recovery Month

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September is National Recovery Month, and Gaudenzia wants to let everyone know that “Recovery is for Everyone” through our Tree of Life program.

As part of our efforts, you will have the opportunity to fill out two purple ribbons with the first name of you or someone you love who has found light from the darkness of addiction through recovery. Keep one ribbon as your own reminder of your or your loved one’s journey. Send the other ribbon back to us at Gaudenzia so that we can celebrate your or your loved one’s success with you and with many others who can benefit from your example.

Gaudenzia has sent out 15,000 purple ribbons to potential participants – including families, vendors, referral sources, and other community members. Whether you are one of those people or are an employee or client of ours, you are encouraged to participate.

“What better time to celebrate the unique journeys of our clients and all people in recovery by contributing to our Tree of Life,” said Gaudenzia’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Dale Klatzker. “Each person, regardless of current or past experiences with substance use, deserves to be placed on a path to light.”

Gaudenzia will display your ribbon on a Tree of Life at a Gaudenzia location in each of our four regions in honor of National Recovery Month. See below for a picture of each Tree of Life, and check back on this page once in a while to see the trees fill throughout the month.Help Gaudenzia Celebrate Recovery Month 8 Central Region
Ashland, PA Help Gaudenzia Celebrate Recovery Month 7 Chesapeake Region
Baltimore. MD Help Gaudenzia Celebrate Recovery Month 9 Eastern Region
Philadelphia, PA Help Gaudenzia Celebrate Recovery Month 10 Western Region
Erie, PA

In addition to our Tree of Life, check out our social media to see other ways Gaudenzia is celebrating National Recovery Month. Feel free to share with us how you’re celebrating National Recovery Month!

About Gaudenzia:

Gaudenzia is one of the largest nonprofit drug and alcohol treatment and recovery centers in the United States, with 51 facilities operating in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, and Washington, D.C. The agency serves about 19,000 individuals annually and operates 117 and alcohol treatment programs for men and women. Since 1968, Gaudenzia has provided specialized services and evidence-based treatment programs to users of all demographics, including pregnant and parenting mothers, adolescents, people with co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorders, and more. Those seeking help can call Gaudenzia’s 24/7 Treatment and Recovery HelpLine at 833-976-HELP (4357) or email [email protected].

Table of Contents