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Women’s History Month

Women's History Month
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Q&A with Dr. Brynez Roane, the Division Director for Park Heights, Chesapeake Region

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight some of our colleagues and the work that they do. Today, we meet Brynez Roane, Ph.D., the Division Director for the Park Heights, Chesapeake Region. She received her doctorate in social work from Morgan State University and has been with Gaudenzia since August of last year.

What is it like to be a woman working in this industry?

Empowering and Exciting! For me, this is a calling, not a job. Being a woman in a leadership role, I am often challenged with creating change while being solution-focused. My empowerment directly results from overcoming these frequent challenges in a profession where I must work creatively within guidelines. My excitement as a woman working in this industry stems from the opportunity to be creative, while taking a hands-on approach to providing services that have a positive and long-lasting impact. Though there is no shortage of obstacles while working through collaborative efforts, I never shrink from challenges and am fully confident in my abilities.

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of while working at Gaudenzia?

Being new to the Gaudenzia team has been an intimidating, yet fulfilling experience. I have been very fortunate to join a great team of receptive professionals that values my vision to create a culture of positivity, quality customer service and staff development. The accomplishment I hold in the highest regard is embracing a professional culture that has reciprocated and allowed growth since my arrival. Since joining, I have shown my commitment to our work, and we are increasing our ability to provide high-quality services to those who need them most.

What inspires your motivation for work?

I am motivated by the desire to provide the best version of quality services to those we serve. Everyone has a different story and won’t always be receptive to the services provided which prompts a more tailor-made approach to treatment by our professionals. No textbook or premade template will guide you with 100% certainty. You truly have to appreciate each case for what it is and I am motivated to get it right on a consistent basis.

Table of Contents