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Women Leaders at Gaudenzia:
Patrisha Williams

Women Leaders at Gaudenzia:Patrisha Williams
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Meet our Senior Talent Manager

Patrisha Williams, MBA, BA, AAS, is the Senior Talent Manager for Gaudenzia with 17 years of service for the agency. To conclude our profile series of women leaders at Gaudenzia, we sit down with Patrisha today to discuss her drive, experience and accomplishments in the industry.

What is it like to be a woman working in this industry?

It is a wonderful time to be a woman working in this industry. Being a working woman is being independent, demanding, innovative, exhilarating, empowering and knowing you can succeed in any career path. Being a working woman in this industry gives me the ability to give back to others while exemplifying leadership abilities. It allows me to leverage resources to our staff that will cultivate and foster employee development and success.

I come from a family line that struggled with substance abuse in the past (my mother, my aunt and my grandmother), all of whom received therapeutic treatment through Gaudenzia’s programs back in the ’80s. As a result of these services, my family was equipped with the resources and tools needed to overcome and recover from their addictions and abstain from substances for 30+ years and counting. Now, they have become educated women (with master’s degrees and career-specific certifications), career-driven professionals giving back to the industry, homeowners and inspiring women who are my heroes to this very day!

The odds were stacked against me (as far as statistics are concerned), but thanks to Gaudenzia, I lived a very different and productive life than my relatives. I come from a long line of hard-working, steadfast, determined, educated, successful and professional women who have molded me into the woman I am today. I’ve learned from their journey the importance of perseverance, determination, education, striving for and achieving success and never giving up. I take great pride in raising my two daughters and showing them that anything is possible through determination, resilience and hard work. Being a working woman in this industry is simply amazing!

What is an accomplishment you are most proud of while working at Gaudenzia?

An accomplishment I am most proud of is when Gaudenzia awarded me one of the highest honors, the Employee of the Year Award, in 2015. This prestigious recognition is given to an employee for their outstanding efforts, extreme endurance in personal growth and educational goals, consistently positive attitude that encourages co-workers and demonstration of dedication while maintaining excellent performance in job duties. When I am assigned to a task or working on a project, I approach it with the highest regard while striving for excellence. I always have and will continue to put in the extra effort to go above and beyond my job requirements to achieve my personal and professional goals.

What inspires your motivation for work?

I am inspired each day I wake up and challenge myself to set new goals and objectives that allow me to positively impact those I work closely with and serve in the Human Resources Department. The destination is important, but for me, what’s most important is the growth during the process. Each day, there is an opportunity to learn, develop and grow while finding innovative ways to expand my knowledge and experience. Excelling as a human resources partner can be challenging, but the greatest reward is helping people. I love my job and career choice because I’m in a great position to cultivate a productive and empowering workforce that exhibits compassion and meets people exactly where they are. Each day I open up as a human to look at myself and everyone else as individuals and understand not one size fits all. I’m motivated by my ability to lead with my heart and knowledge, cultivating and reflecting the culture we promote.

The group of people I work with also inspires my motivation. Our department underwent an HR transformation with new leadership last year, roughly around May 2020, so I’ve been challenged and motivated more than ever to learn as much as I can from other successful people. This enables me to approach situations with alternative solutions, especially as we continue our human resource transformation journey. My journey with Gaudenzia began 17 years ago, and my unwavering passion for contributing to Gaudenzia’s mission motivates me each day.

Table of Contents