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Dr. Racquel Assaye, DBA, MSc

Board Member

Dr. Assaye joins the Gaudenzia, Inc. Board of Directors with over 27 years of experience in accounting and auditing, with more than 15 of those years spent in the nonprofit sector. During this time, she has relished the opportunities to use her accounting skills, training, and acumen to serve others. 

Dr. Assaye has worked with executive leadership teams over the years, providing support with Financial Planning and Analysis to organizations that helped them achieve financial health and long-range asset acquisitions. She has proudly built strong professional relationships with partners of her finance teams, including brokers, funders, auditors, bankers, and other stakeholders. She has spent the last 9 years in her chosen career as the Chief Financial Officer, with her current appointment serving a peer-based organization that targets populations afflicted with mental health and substance use disorders. 

Dr. Assaye holds a bachelor’s degree in business education with a minor in business administration from Andrews University, along with masters and doctoral degrees from Drexel University. 

Why I Serve at Gaudenzia:

I was introduced to Gaudenzia by a colleague several years ago and immediately felt it was a good fit. This position draws on my passion for serving others. Gaudenzia works to restore dignity to those who have lost it due to substance use and co-occurring disorders. Substance use has taken a toll on family members and witnessing that allowed me to immediately identify with Gaudenzia’s mission. I am happy to partner with the executive leadership to continue to move this work forward.              

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