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Kevin R. Cummings, MS


Mr. Cummings has worked in the chemical industry for over 45 years. He has extensive experience in research and development, sales, marketing, and C-level management roles. Most recently, he started BESSERN Building Products, LLC, which served the coatings and waterproofing markets. BESSERN was sold in 2022 to a multi-million-dollar international coatings and elastomer manufacturer. 

Mr. Cummings holds an MS in Environmental Engineering and Science from Drexel University and a BS in Agriculture from the University of Delaware. He is a longtime supporter and Board member of Gaudenzia.

Why I Serve at Gaudenzia:

I wanted to ensure Gaudenzia was able to provide the resources necessary to help treat those with addiction. My mission, like Gaudenzia’s, is to foster a better quality of life, free of drug and/or alcohol dependency.

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