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Jeannie Day Roggio, BA


Ms. Roggio comes to Gaudenzia with a wide range of professional and philanthropic experiences. While she is an artist and painter at heart, her creativity has expressed itself in many forms. In 1991, she founded Garden Angels, a women-owned and operated landscaping business where she served as the Lead Landscape Designer and Contractor. Prior to this, she worked as a product designer in the Department of Research and Design at Zenith Products Corporation. From 1971-1975, she modeled for Ford Models, Inc.

Ms. Roggio has long engaged in programs and initiatives working to make an impact in people’s lives. In 1991, she founded the Berwyn-Paoli Little League Challenger Program, an adaptive baseball program for children ages 5-18 with physical and/or intellectual disabilities. She has also served as the Spokesperson and Strategist for her husband of 48 years, Robert Roggio, who was a United States Congressional Candidate for Pennsylvania’s 6th District in 2008.

She has volunteered as the Assistant District Administrator for Pennsylvania Little League District 27 and at Gaudenzia’s Kindred House program. Ms. Roggio has served as a Gaudenzia, Inc. Board Member since 2013, as Board Secretary from 2019-2022, and most recently as Board Secretary for Gaudenzia’s Foundation Board.

Ms. Roggio holds a Bachelor of Arts from Bennington College in Vermont. She has three children and is a proud grandmother of eight.

Why I Serve at Gaudenzia:

In 2007, I began volunteering at Gaudenzia’s Kindred House, an inpatient SUD treatment facility for women that allows their children to reside with them. My husband had visited Kindred House in his capacity as a representative for Senator Bob Casey and suggested I might want to volunteer there. During my subsequent visit, I made an emotional connection with the women and children residing at Kindred House. Gaudenzia’s mission immediately resonated with me, partially due to my own life experiences. My mother struggled with substance use disorder (SUD) for over 50 years. She refused all forms of treatment throughout her life. In my time volunteering for Gaudenzia, I’ve never lost sight of the fact that all the thousands of individuals treated for SUD at Gaudenzia’s programs have families of their own. Families that are, or have been, severely impacted by addiction. When an individual is successfully supported and treated for SUD, the positive impact on that person’s family is immeasurable.

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