Crystal’s Story

December 2017
Crystal's Story
My name is Crystal G. and I am an addict. Because of Gaudenzia I am a grateful recovering addict.

I had used to live and lived to use. My life was such a mess, but I just could not stop. I had lost my kids and my family but more importantly I had lost myself and the will to live altogether. I thought that I was truly destined to die a junkie but something inside of me just didn’t want to give up, so after going to about 8 different rehabs and going to jail 4 times, I walked through the doors of Gaudenzia broken and ready for change.

I dragged my feet in the beginning afraid of change but throughout my time there I was pushed to get comfortable being uncomfortable. I learned not only the tools that I was lacking to stay clean, but also who I really was and who I wanted to be. Gaudenzia helped me to see the potential in me that at first I couldn’t see. Over the course of my time there I was given the opportunity to become a Certified Recovery Specialist and come to work for Gaudenzia to give back what was so freely given to me.

I have a purpose today and I owe that to the care and commitment from the employees at Gaudenzia. I love my job and the people that I work with and there is no place that I would rather be at in my life right now, helping those in need! Big Shout out to all those who helped me in my journey… and all the amazing people that I have met along the way!!! Thank you all so very much.