Women with Children Programs

Get help by calling our 24-hour Treatment and Referral Helpline 833.976.HELP(4357)

Gaudenzia offers a place where mothers can address their substance use and co-occurring disorders while continuing to parent their children without fear of losing them. We offer a continuum of services where women live in an empowering environment with programs that lay the foundation for recovery and assist in the development of effective coping skills.

Bobby Spurrier Center, Philadelphia, PA

A Full Continuum of Care

By offering a full range of services for recovery-oriented treatment and support, we are helping pregnant and parenting women break the cycle of trauma and addiction that has affected them and their families. They may access treatment and support at any time through our 24-hour HelpLine, 833.976.HELP(4357).

Withdrawal Management
For pregnant women who are medically appropriate, Gaudenzia offers a safe induction to Medication-Assisted Treatment and maintenance until the mom delivers and beyond, if desired. For parenting women, we offer a choice of withdrawal management options.
Residential Treatment
Women can address their substance use and behavioral health needs while receiving gender responsive cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational enhancement, trauma informed care and have their children with them in a thriving, safe, supportive environment with access to caregivers and educational services.
Low-Intensity Residential Treatment
Women can live with their children and build a life in recovery, find employment, and increase their chances of successful transition to an independent life
Affordable Housing Services
Women can build a life in early recovery in a supportive, safe environment with their children.
Our Programs Offer:
Individual, Group and Family Counseling
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Gender Responsive Programming
Motivational Enhancement
Trauma-Informed Therapy
Medication-Assisted Treatment
Life-Skill Development
Parenting Skill Development
Educational Remediation for Children
Access to transportation to medical and dental care
Transportation to court services
Support Services for children
Central Pennsylvania Region Locations
Fountain Springs
New Destiny
Serenity House
Family Alternatives
Bair O'Malley House
Greater Philadelphia Region Locations
New Image
Kindred House
Washington House
Hutchinson Place
Western Pennsylvania Region Locations
House of Healing
Community House
Nesting Families
Delaware Locations:
Safe Haven (Housing Only)
Maryland Locations
Park Heights

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