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Nurses Month 2022: Celebrating Diana Casey

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Nurses Make a Difference

Nurses Month Spotlight: Diana Casey

May has been designated as Nurses Month, with the 2022 theme stating: “Nurses Make a Difference.” Here at Gaudenzia, we couldn’t agree more. The nurses on our staff are essential to helping clients overcome the many challenges of substance use and co-occurring disorders.

This week, as part of our ongoing celebration of nurses, we’d like to highlight a few of the wonderful nurses on our team.

Today, the spotlight is on Diana Casey.

Nurses Month 2022: Celebrating Diana Casey

Diana has been with Gaudenzia for one year and serves as the Program Director at our Crownsville WARMS Program, a 24-hour walk-in crisis stabilization center that provides detox and withdrawal management services in Anne Arundel County, MD. When Diana isn’t working, she enjoys hiking and spending time outside, where she finds her new hobbies of kayaking and fishing very peaceful.

Diana was kind enough to answer a few questions about life as a nurse in the SUD treatment field. Here’s what she had to say:

What is the Hardest Part of Your Job, and How Do You Overcome it?

The hardest part of my job is knowing that the client may relapse or overdose. I have overcome this by telling myself to continue to educate and help the clients gain the strength to stay sober. I remember that there is client success and understand that relapse does not mean the client has failed but needs a little bit more support and education.

What Has Been Your Biggest Accomplishments at Gaudenzia So Far?

My biggest accomplishment on our team is becoming the WARMS/DETOX/ICF Program Director.

How Do You Practice Self-Care?

I practice self-care by allowing myself to relax — if it is by reading a book, being outside, or listening to music. I also make sure to make time for my family and friends.

What Are Your Professional Goals for the Future?

To continue in management and to continue to help implement different ideas to improve the care that is provided to the clients who are suffering from the disease of addiction.

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