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Faces of Gaudenzia: Spotlight on Sharon Campbell

Gaudenzia Crownville
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This October, we’re excited to introduce you to some of our incredible team members saving lives every day at Gaudenzia’s Crownsville Campus, which provides a full continuum of addiction treatment in Anne Arundel County, MD.

If you or someone you love needs Crownsville addiction treatment, please call our 24-hour HelpLine at 833.976.HELP (4357) today or email [email protected]

A Q&A with Sharon Campbell

Today, we turn the spotlight on Sharon Campbell, who joined Gaudenzia one year and four months ago as a counselor. We spoke with Sharon about her love of counseling and what makes her so passionate about her career at Gaudenzia.

Sharon Campbell, Counselor

What Made You Want to Work at Gaudenzia?

It’s something I really love. I really look forward to coming to work. I’ve been counseling since 2010, but this is my first time with an organization of this magnitude. I didn’t think I was going to last six weeks, to be honest. My supervisor kept saying, “You know it, you just have to build your confidence.” Now I’m convinced that I do belong here.

What Keeps You Coming Back to Work Every Day?

When I see clients come from WARMS to detox, to the intensive care facility, it’s like this little closed up, tight rose. And as they get through the difference phases, you start to see that rose open. They look so much better with each week that goes by. I just love to see that and give people encouragement. I’m committed to spending the rest of my life helping people.

What’s the Best Part About Your Team?

There’s nobody on staff I couldn’t go to and just be myself and ask a question. There are no stupid questions. I think Crownsville has one of the best teams.

Why is This Program Important in This Community?

This location is so special. It’s peaceful. It’s full of nature. It reminds me of serenity. Sometimes we need to be far away from our comfortable stomping grounds. We have to turn it in a different direction. Self-love. I often tell people you can take your mess and make it a message.

What Services Do People Most Commonly Need When They Leave?

Mental health services. It’s important for people to be on their medication. And because we have the long-term program here, there’s a lot of things they do. Clients can get their state ID, apply for social services, apply for a job. We work with a temp agency here. The resources that are available and that can be started are huge. 

About Gaudenzia’s Crownsville Campus

Gaudenzia’s Crownsville Campus provides a full continuum of substance use disorder treatment services, including a 24/7/365 walk-in crisis stabilization unit, MAT services, mental health treatment, residential detox for men and women, and long-term residential treatment for men.  A comprehensive team of addiction counselors, therapists, recovery peers, and 24-hour medical staffing ensures that all clients are treated individually and holistically based on their unique clinical treatment needs.

If you or someone you love needs Crownsville addiction treatment, please call our 24-hour HelpLine at 833.976.HELP (4357) today or email [email protected]

Table of Contents