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Counseling Awareness Month: Spotlight on Ronald Davis!

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Counseling Awareness Month is celebrated each year in April. Sponsored by the American Counseling Association (ACA), the month-long observance honors counselors of all kinds, including mental health counselors, school and college counselors, career counselors, and of course, substance use disorder (SUD) counselors.

Here at Gaudenzia, the counselors at our SUD treatment programs make an impact in their communities every single day. This lifesaving work takes empathy, dedication, and grit. We’re excited to honor and celebrate some of the incredible counselors we have on our team this month. Today, we’re turning the spotlight on Ronald Davis.

A Q&A with Ronald Davis

Ronald Davis is a Counselor III at Gaudenzia’s Re-Entry House and has been with the organization for just over a year. Ronald has a bachelor’s degree in social work, and he combines his formal education with personal experience with substance use disorder (SUD) to assist others in gaining the tools they need for life in long-term recovery.

We’re so thankful to Ronald for taking the time to answer our questions. Keep reading to learn more about his role as a counselor in the SUD treatment field.

Can You Describe a “Day in the Life” as a Counselor at Gaudenzia?

I would have to say that my day as a counselor is exciting and rewarding. I say that because I feel this is my purpose in life, and I enjoy assisting others with smiles and grace — showing them that life is just not that deep when you learn to put your past behind you. 

What are the Biggest Challenges SUD Counselors Face Today?

Sometimes, counselors can take things too personally and have difficulty differentiating their purpose as a counselor.

What is the Best Part of Your Job?

Being able to assist a client in identifying the behaviors that need to change, and seeing the motivation that sparks up in them about that change — then witnessing the success years later.

How Do You Take Care of Yourself to Prevent Burnout?

I exercise, listen to music, meditate, play sports, pray, listen to other motivational speakers, go to 12 Step Meetings for restoration, conversate with peers, play with my grandchildren, have nice outing with my wife, and/or get a massage.

What Advice Do You Have for New Counselors Entering the Field?

Understand that you are not a rescuer, but simply a planter that gives the information needed for success.

Table of Contents