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Celebrating the Gaudenzia Class of 2023

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Gaudenzia recognizes 177 individuals from across mid-Atlantic footprint for reaching milestones in their recovery journey.

Gaudenzia was excited to resume our unique tradition of hosting graduation ceremonies to celebrate clients who have successfully completed one of their treatment programs and have remained drug and alcohol free for at least one year in June. A total of 177 individuals who successfully completed the graduation criteria and are building a thriving life in recovery were recognized in graduation ceremonies held in Philadelphia, Harrisburg and Erie, Pennsylvania as well as in Baltimore, Maryland.

To be eligible for graduation consideration, individuals must complete a series of challenging requirements starting with being substance free for a minimum of one year. Additionally, they need to have stable employment or be involved in an educational program, have stable living arrangements, be crime free for a year and have completed all other requirements in their continuum of care. These are not easy accomplishments and deserve to be recognized.

“We are thrilled to be celebrating these individuals for reaching major accomplishments in their recovery journey,” said Dr. Dale Klatzker, President and CEO of Gaudenzia. “It is our honor to recognize their courage, commitment and dedication to prioritizing themselves over substances while rebuilding their lives.”

One of the many highlights of these events were special service awards recognizing Gaudenzia staff members for their outstanding work and dedication to the mission of the organization. Annamarie Carter, Stephen Smith, Diane Horton-Lewis, Jodie Klus, Jaquetta Crosby and Kara McMillian were among those recognized.

These four inspiring events were filled with triumph and optimism as hundreds gathered at each ceremony to celebrate our graduates, as well as their families and mentors.  We recognize that the journey to recovery cannot be done alone—it takes a full support system and outstanding staff providing exceptional treatment and encouragement along the journey to long-term recovery.

Additionally, over 13,000 individuals completed Gaudenzia programs in the past year, signifying the continued work toward recovery throughout the region.

However, the need for treatment for substance use disorder (SUD) and co-occurring conditions is bigger than ever.  Federal data disclosed in May revealed that nearly 110,000 people died last year from drug overdoses, with synthetic opioids like fentanyl contributing to 68% of those deaths. With other substances rising to prevalence like xylazine, the overdose epidemic shows no signs of slowing down.

But it’s moments like celebrating the Gaudenzia class of 2023, that serve as a reminder of the good work and positive outcomes that happen when people recover their lives from SUD.

With a full continuum of treatment ranging from withdrawal management and residential to outpatient, including medication-assisted treatment, programs for adolescents, people with co-occurring mental illness and their most unique programs where women can be pregnant and or parenting their children while in treatment, Gaudenzia is able to meet people where they are on the treatment and recovery journey.

Check out some of the photos from each regional celebration below:

Central Region

Chesapeake Region

Eastern Region

Western Region

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Table of Contents