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Are you ready for a change? For men, drug and alcohol addiction can happen suddenly or develop over the years. You may be facing one of the most challenging decisions of your life. Do you enter into rehab, or do you try to do it on your own? At Gaudenzia, we want you to know your best way forward is within our men’s treatment program. With a comprehensive service and support level, our dedicated counselors will help you find your way forward.

Did You Know – Men’s Addiction Statistics

The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports that men are more likely to engage in virtually all illicit drugs than women. Men have significantly higher rates of alcohol use, including binge drinking. Men are also more likely to require treatment from overdoses.

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Why Choose a Men’s Treatment Program?

Our men’s treatment center offers specialized care for men. This includes one-on-one care designed to provide you with a safe place to detox and recover. This type of treatment program can offer many benefits to you.

What Is a Men’s Drug Treatment Program?

Through research, we’ve learned that when men enter into drug and alcohol treatment alongside other men, the outcomes are better. In this type of program, you will work with other men during group therapy. You can also choose to live in our men’s halfway houses.

There are many reasons to embrace a men’s or women’s treatment program like this. The most important one is that it can be more successful for you. Men and women may have different brain chemistry. What motivates you, worries you, and drives you is different from women. During treatment, we want to embrace those differences and utilize them in such a way as to help you to recover.

What Type of Men’s Rehab Program Is Best for You?

At Gaudenzia, we offer a range of treatment options and addiction treatment programs to meet your needs. When you come in to meet with our team, we’ll provide a full consultation and assessment to fully understand what your health needs are. We consider your physical needs, emotional health, and your mental health to devise a plan that fits your goals.

We then make recommendations for the type of care that is best for you. Some of our men’s treatment program options include the following.

Detox Program

During detox treatment programs, your body is given a safe place to remain while it works to remove the drugs and alcohol. We do offer medication assistance during detox. That means our team will monitor your health and, if you feel intense cravings or withdrawal, we’ll provide you with medication to minimize these risks. This ensures you can detox with a higher level of safety.

A detox program is best for those who have used drugs for a long time. It is also vital for those who have a severe form of addiction or are using very addictive drugs like heroin or meth. It is also best for those who have overdosed or relapsed in the past. If you are actively using and struggling to stop on your own, we recommend detox as a first step.

Men's Treatment Program

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What Is MAT?

You may hear about medication-assisted treatment or MAT. This type of care allows us to give you medications to reduce the withdrawal symptoms and cravings you have during detox. This can help you avoid relapse in some cases.

Residential Treatment Programs for Men

Our men’s treatment program offers a residential component as well. Residential addiction treatment options and treatment can be very important for many men. This is a time to step away from home, family, work, school, and all of the stresses you face. During your time here, you will live in a safe and comfortable home-like setting. You are never judged, and you are always welcomed. As a men’s treatment center, you won’t have to worry about women being a part of your community.

During this treatment, you’ll work through several different therapy programs. You will learn about your disease and work to uncover your reasons for using drugs. In some cases, this may be due to past trauma or stress. You may be using drugs due to a mental health disorder or in response to trauma. We offer comprehensive treatment for all of your needs during this residential program.

In our men’s rehab program, we will work closely with you on creating a plan to move forward. You will find our team is dedicated to being there for you through the entire process. You’ll be put at ease, so you feel comfortable enough to open up to us. Our team is here to support you.

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Testimonials from Gaudenzia Alumni

“I have had the pleasure of being here for four months and I really have found a way to stay abstinent from drugs and alcohol. Some of the counselors here have a wealth of experience on both sides of the playing field, proving that recovery is definitely possible when we are willing, and willing to change behaviors and negative thought patterns that keep us bound.”

Halfway House Services

We also offer halfway house services. If you are in residential treatment and ready to leave, but not ready to go back home, this can be an ideal choice for you. In this type of environment, you will still work on your addiction recovery needs while also building skills to care for yourself and others. We treat men from Delaware, Pennsylvania. Maryland, and Washington, DC. You will get support as you start working or rebuilding your life. Our team is here to help you.

Outpatient Treatment Programs for Men

Our outpatient treatment program is an excellent option for many men with substance use disorder. Outpatient care is best for those who have a milder form of addiction. You should also have a strong home life where you will secure the support and help you need to stay drug-free. We also recommend this type of therapy for those who are ready to commit to treatment. We’ll work closely with you to determine if outpatient care is best for you.

We offer several types of outpatient therapy. This includes intensive outpatient programs, partial hospitalization programs, and traditional, flexible programs. These differ based on how much time you will spend at our location each week and how many hours you will spend working on treatment. Our team will create a plan with you that you can appreciate.

What Type of Men’s Rehab Program Therapy Is Right for You?

Gaudenzia offers a range of treatment therapies. No matter what type of care you enroll in with us, our men’s treatment program will incorporate numerous treatment options. These are methods of helping you to make changes to allow for healing and recovery. Take a look at some of the options we offer for recovery support services.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Learn how to control your negative thought patterns to ensure you can prevent yourself from negative thoughts that lead to drug and alcohol use.

Individual Therapy

You’ll work with a counselor one-on-one to develop skills and to overcome your challenges. Individual therapy sessions may help you with stress management, communication, trauma, and much more—this is a time for men to speak about sensitive issues.

Group Therapy

During group therapy, you will work with a group of men who are your peers. These people are going through the same types of challenges you are. You can share stories, thoughts, and concerns. You can also open up to people who understand what you’re facing.

Holistic Therapy

Our men’s treatment program provides you with numerous ways to heal, not just your body but also your mind and spirit. When you are here, you’ll engage in a range of programs designed to help you heal and overcome your health risks.

Mental Health Treatment

Those with co-occurring disorders often need more specialized care and support. Our team will work closely with you to help you manage these conditions, including:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Bipolar disorder

If you’re struggling with mental health problems, our co-occurring disorder treatment can help to address both needs. Be sure to open up to our team to learn more about how our men’s rehab program can guide you.

Who Should Reach Out for Our Men’s Treatment Program?

Our men’s treatment center serving men from Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, and DC is designed to address all of your needs. If you are experiencing drug or alcohol addiction or complex mental health concerns, let our team offer the guidance and support you need. We work with adult men of all ages and walks of life. We can provide you with help for:

  • Meth addiction treatment
  • Cocaine addiction treatment
  • Heroin addiction treatment
  • Opioid addiction treatment
  • Prescription medication addiction treatment
  • Alcohol addiction treatment

When you turn to our team today, you start on the path towards reclaiming your life and future. There is no better time than right now.

Now Is Your Time – Call Gaudenzia Now to Schedule a Consultation

With our men’s treatment program, you can finally find your future. Our team works closely with you as you find the right way forward for your sobriety and recovery. All you have to do is reach out to our men’s treatment center to learn more about our offer. Please speak to our compassionate counselors by calling 833.976.4357 today.